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Action Campaigns

Action Campaigns

Through policy work on Capitol Hill, we protect the innovation economy from laws and regulations that block innovation. Get involved by taking action on the campaigns below.

Advocating for innovation 365 days a year.

New technology and innovative online platforms are threatened by overreaching mandates and outdated rules in local, state and federal governments. CTA educates policymakers to ensure the innovation economy is protected from laws and regulations which delay, restrict or ban the development of technologies in all sectors.

Get involved in the action campaigns below to help support innovation and grow our industry. 

Ongoing Action Campaigns

Be a Drone Defender

Some local and state governments are overregulating drone usage while the federal government continues to develop national rules regarding drones. Sign the pledge and join us in defending drones.

Immigration Reform Is an Opportunity Congress Can’t Afford to Miss

Bipartisan immigration reform is an opportunity Congress can’t afford to miss. Send a message urging support to your representatives on Capitol Hill.

Tell Congress to Protect Free Online Speech

Tell your members of Congress to protect American innovation, defend your right to free speech and fight for the online freedom Section 230 protects.

Take Action to Defend the IPR Program

Since its creation in 2012, the IPR program has given small businesses an alternate, more affordable option to fight patent trolls. Remind your Senator the IPR program is working and it shouldn’t be taken down by patent trolls.

Tell Congress to Protect Americans from a Trade War with China

Tell Congress to support this bill and protect America’s small businesses and families from the rising costs of a trade war.

Tell Senate to Pass USMCA

Tell Senate it's time for a "New NAFTA" that addresses the digital economy — and USMCA needs their support.

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