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Digital Health Resources to Help Face COVID-19

Innovation in digital health such as telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and real-time communication between patients and clinicians — can play an important role in helping address the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) calls for the increased use of telehealth to evaluate, triage and care for patients in the fight against pandemic outbreaks. Virtual care will help better protect health care workers and patients and assist in fighting against pandemic outbreaks.

Like you, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)? is monitoring the evolving coronavirus outbreak and tracking what this means for our industry. 

As your company looks for short-term solutions and plans for future uncertainties, we’re committed to providing you with relevant and timely information.

We’ve compiled relevant digital health resources below, and our new coronavirus member resource page offers timely insights and best practices, links to government resources and the latest research.  

On-Demand Industry Insights About Digital Health During COVID-19

Sept. 21-24, 2020 | Virtual Event
CTA and ATA Launch Directory of Telehealth Technologies

CTA and ATA Launch Directory of Telehealth Technologies

CTA and American Telemedicine Association (ATA) launched a new website of telehealth technology solutions featuring a growing list of digital health resources - from remote monitoring to telemedicine - to assist the health care industry during the coronavirus outbreak.

More from CTA

CTA Article | September 30, 2020
Health, Tech, Government Leaders Join CTA and CHI Coalition to Address Health Disparities Amplified by COVID-19
CTA Article | August 25, 2020
CTA Convenes Leading Health Tech Companies on Digital Therapeutics Standard
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Five CTA Members Leading the Digital Therapeutics Frontier
Featured Article | September 17, 2020
One Smart Thermometer Can Help Slow Disease Spread
CTA Article | August 27, 2020
3 Trends Driving Growth of Health and Fitness Technologies
CTA Statement | July 27, 2020
Major Health, Tech Leaders Join CTA's New Initiative to Respond to Future Pandemics

Digital Health Videos

See videos from past CTA webinars as well as sessions from CTA's first virtual event. From learning how artificial intelligence is improving healthcare to outlining the directions our healthcare system can go in light of the current crisis, CTA and industry visionaries uncover opportunities and challenges in the digital health ecosystem.

Using Technology to Combat Future Public Health Emergencies

To ensure an effective public sector response to future pandemics like COVID-19, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has convened more than a dozen health care and technology leaders to lead a new effort – the Public Health Tech Initiative. The group explored and created recommendations for the use of technology in dealing with and recovering from future public health emergencies.


Tech and Standards Forum Sessions

AI in Health Care Solutions: Beyond the Buzz
It’s Not Just Fun & Games: How XR and Robotics Can Transform Health Care

Masters of Leadership with Sen. Mitt Romney - On the Future of Healthcare

As health care continues to be an economic and personal priority, especially now, Romney outlined two directions that the country can take to change health care, and the positives and drawbacks of each.

Listen to the full webinar to learn more.

CTA Research

Reinvigorating Value-Based Health Care: Exploring the Role of Technology Innovation
Featured Research

Reinvigorating Value-Based Health Care: Exploring the Role of Technology Innovation

Special 2020 Industry Forecast Update: Assessing COVID-19 Impact

In this special update to the semiannual forecast, CTA quantifies the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on core consumer technology products and services.

Coronavirus Member Impact Study: April

This report provides guidance on the current and future consumer use and trends of family caregiver technology among those who care for children and adults.

Assessing the Landscape for Digital Therapeutics

This report provides insight into the digital therapeutics landscape from the perspective of industry leaders, consumer groups and health care providers.

CTA Standards

Definitions/Characteristics of AI in Health Care

CTA convened more than 50 organizations to develop the first-ever ANSI-accredited standard for the use of artificial intelligence in health care. This first-in-a-series standard will set a foundation for implementing medical and health care solutions built on AI. 

Guiding Principles of Practice and Transparency for Mobile Health Solutions (CTA-2073)

This standard is to provide a framework for best practices and transparency when developing non-medical mobile health solutions.

Definitions and Characteristics of Consumer Technologies for Monitoring and Psychosocial Stress (ANSI/CTA-2068)

This standard defines terms related to stress and stress indicators, and it describes assessment protocols and data collection for consumer stress-monitoring technologies. 

CTA Member Companies Providing Solutions

CTA member companies are providing solutions to keep patients healthy and treat the ill.

Telemedicine/Virtual Care
  • Patients can now access medical support from a physician remotely on numerous platforms, helping them receive the care they need without putting doctors or the general public at risk.
  • Remote patient monitoring can enable earlier, more accurate diagnoses.

Example companies: Doctor on Demand, 98point6, Ginger, Simple Health, Humetrix, Best Buy Health, Livongo


  • BioSticker measures a user's temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate and coughing, and it can transmit updates to a health care professional every 10 minutes.
  • Validic’s COVID-19 Home Monitoring tracks a person's body temperature, breathing difficulties, cough frequency and oxygen saturation.  


  • Companies manage patient transportation to and among medical offices, clinics and hospitals.

Example: Medhaul

Medical Equipment
  • Companies are reprioritizing operations to respond to the need for critical medical supplies.

Example Companies: ResMed, Philips


  • Tech accessories company Nomad has reprioritized its operations to provide medical supplies such as face masks to those fighting this pandemic.

Additional Resources

Coronavirus Update
The Coronavirus Crisis
Johns Hopkins University & Medicine
Coronavirus Resource Center
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Whole-of-Government Response
Further steps to help mitigate supply interruptions of food and medical products
Expansion of the Accelerated and Advanced Payments Program for Providers and Suppliers
Policy Statement Regarding Physicians and Other Practitioners that Reduce or Waive Amounts Owed by Federal Health Care Program Beneficiaries for Telehealth Services
Trump Administration Makes Sweeping Regulatory Changes to Help U.S. Healthcare System Address COVID-19 Patient Surge
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes First Test for Patient At-Home Sample Collection