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CTA Member Groups

Make invaluable connections and collaborate with a range of innovators — from well- established industry leaders to progressive startups — to propel the industry forward. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member groups are open to all CTA members and offer promotional programs, research projects, industry training and more.

Industry Initiative Member Groups

21st Century Workforce Council

The council is addressing the critical skills gap and creating a high-skilled workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

The working group is helping companies develop and foster a more engaged, diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.

CTA Apprenticeship Coalition

The coalition aims to create and expand hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities nationwide and prepare American workers for careers in fast-growing fields such as software engineering, data analytics, project management and hardware design.

Technology-Based Member Groups

Accessories Division
AI Working Group
XR Working Group
Audio Division
Communications Committee
Content and Entertainment Council
Drone Policy Group
Health and Fitness Technology Division
IoT Working Group
Retailer Council
Self-Driving Vehicles Working Group
Small Business Council
Smart Home Division
Startup Member Working Group
Vehicle Technology Division
Video Division
Wireless Division

CTA Connect

An online community for CTA members to engage, collaborate and innovate.