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Topic Overview


From self-driving technologies to aftermarket enhancements and smart mobility, the state of vehicle technology is rapidly evolving.
Automotive Technology Roadmap: The Road to Autonomy
Featured Research

Automotive Technology Roadmap: The Road to Autonomy

Recent Standards

Remote Starter Safety (CTA-885 S-2019) Standard

This standard addresses the automotive accessories that allow the operator to start a vehicle while away from the vehicle, and the safety of such devices when installed.

Recommendations for Portable Power Charging Markings (CTA-2077) Standard

With the large number of powerbanks available on the market, there needs to be consistency for consumers to know what to expect when using a portable powerbank.

What's Holding up Self-Driving Cars
Featured News

What's Holding up Self-Driving Cars?

It’s 2020, the year pundits predicted self-driving cars would be mainstream. But those predictions have proved premature.

Latest News

The New Mobility: Redefining the Auto Industry
i3 | July 09, 2019
The New Mobility: Redefining the Auto Industry
i3 | March 31, 2020
i3 | January 3, 2020
The Car Cockpit of the Future

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Vehicle Technology Division

The Vehicle Technology Division of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)? works to ensure a level playing field of aftermarket products and combat regulatory efforts to limit the use of new devices in vehicles.